Occam Real Estate is a trustworthy real estate company specializing in investment and development, with focus on offices, residential properties, and retail projects.

Driven by a visionary outlook and deep respect for the past, we create extraordinary places for today, and for every generation.
Benefiting from our vast real estate experience, we have managed acquisitions and developments ranging from EUR 5 million to EUR 160 million.
Our approach draws inspiration from Occam’s razor principle, renowned for advocating the simplest solution as often the best one. We incorporate it into every aspect of our business to make a journey as seamless as possible.


Places that matter


We strive to create visually captivating and thoughtfully designed spaces that blend with the environment, elevating the living experience for all.


Our dedication to sustainable practices ensures that our impact extends far beyond the present, shaping a better future.


From the smallest details to entire project, we maintain the highest standards, making every property a testament to exceptional quality.


With a diligent approach and streamlined efficiency, we navigate the complexities of real estate with ease, consistently exceeding expectations.


Marek Kalma

Managing Director

Michal Zvrškovec

Business Development Manager

Stanislava Paulíková

Senior Development Manager